Keep the Cutty Sark in the news!

The Cutty Sark Trust has warned that funding to restore the tea clipper after the catastrophic fire six months ago is quickly running out. After the initial blaze ('scuse the inappropriate pun!) of publicity, the plight of the Cutty Sark has slipped from the public consciousness. If that can happen to such an iconic national treasure, goodness only knows how less well known heritage and cultural organisations survive.

(Read the BBC News Online report here.)

Btw, you can donate to the fundraising campaign via the Cutty Sark website.


Ceri said…
I think they will be fighting along with all news worthy items with our short attention span celebrity culture... maybe if they got some kind of celebrity (one who has been cosmetically restored as an ironic pun) to endorse the restoration perhaps. BUT how does one go about measuring public consciousness?? I assume they mean the media but that is hardly 'the public' surely. of course they will trot out their little researchers who will find the statistic of how many % of people have not even heard of the Cutty Sark to make us all seem like cultural ignorants! So I am kind of resistent to these kinds of media stories - it is the media who decides what is newsworthy, not the public, who are only in the position to buy the news or make it.

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