Kim Cattrall poses in Diana and Actaeon recreation

You may be aware that The Art Fund has pledged to give £1 million towards the £50 million needed by the end of the year to keep the great Renaissance painting by Titian, 'Diana and Actaeon' in Britain. Well Kim Cattrall (of Sex and the City fame) has done her bit to help by posing for a photograph recreating the painting! I think this is fantastic, not only is she bringing this cause more media attention but it may also, hopefully, promote more interest in the arts, museums and galleries from some sections of the public who are primarily interested in 'sexy' TV (rather than beauty). I can't wait to see this photo

If anyone is interested there will be a bit in tonight's BBC2 Culture Show

There is also a wee preview here: at 10pm.


Amy said…
Damn - I missed it. Perhaps I can 'watch again' on iPlayer?

Btw, welcome to The Attic Jen! (For those that don't know, Jen is one of our campus-based newbies, and is working on an exciting project with Sandra Dudley and the Engineering Department - more details on the Depart. Museum Studies website:
Ceri said…
Oh I thought at first Kim Catterall was going to selflessly buy the Titian for the nation rather than use it as a publicity stunt for herself :(

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