Happy New Year!

Break out the bubbly!

Silver champagne bottle ticket, ca. 1750
V&A, M.84-1944


Amy said…
I'll have a long glass of Tropicana Spirit (Lemon & Grapefruit variety), thanks. AKA 'Amy's crack.' ;)
J said…
LOL, I am certain that there is a silver bottle ticket for that somewhere! ;-)
Amy said…
Well, if there isn't, there should be!

The factory's in Leicester. Does anyone know where? So I can stake it out. ;)
J said…
Google brings up this Yahoo!Answers discussion:

(Why am I doing this when I could be taking a New Year's Day nap? I don't know...)
Amy said…
Ah, so it isn't made in Leicester afterall. Bugger!

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