CFP: The Story of Things (Manchester, Jan 2010)

The Story of Things: reading narrative in the visual

PLACE: Manchester Metropolitan University
DATE: Friday 29th January, 2010

The production, consumption and interpretation of narratives in visual form is central to contemporary cultures. Within this context, the notion of narrative finding expression in the visual can be traced, for example, in the growth of the graphic novel form, the positioning of cinema as subject matter for art practice and the persistence of the artist's book as an art form. Visual narratives demand specific forms of readerly interaction and critical response. They require a shift of reading focus from text to text-and-image or to image-only, and therefore require different critical apparatus and analytical skills.

This one day conference will investigate the reading of narrative in visual contexts, encouraging interdisciplinary approaches in addressing the following specific clusters of concerns:

- Authoring and reading the sequential narrative: linear and non-linear approaches.

- Visualising the remembered narrative: archetype, biography, autobiography.

- Object as catalyst: the potential for narrative within the artefact.

These areas of related interest will facilitate aesthetic and theoretical interrogations of visual narrative.

Papers are invited which explore or respond to issues of visual narrative production, consumption and interpretation in relation to these and other connected areas of concern. We encourage contributions from artists, academics and other practitioners. Please send proposals (250 words) for papers (20 mins) to: Jonathan Carson at <> by Tuesday 1st September, 2009.

Jonathan Carson
Lecturer in Critical & Contextual Studies (0.8 - Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday & Friday)

T: +44 (0) 161 295 6712
School of Art & Design, The University of Salford, HT211 Centenary
Building, Salford, M3 6EQ.


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