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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Director of Fun!

A 6 year-old has been named a member of the Board of Directors of the National Railway Museum in York. So, can I get hired because of my cuteness and enthusiasm? I want to be director of fun at the Met!


Amy said...

You beat me to this report!!! ;)

I think this is a lovely idea. Was talking to Ceri the other day about how I feel museum education is all very well, but it has to be fun too.

This is how to engage children!!

Amy said...

Alternative view on this subject here:

J said...

Whoa. That was bitter. Not that I disagree with his conspiracy theory about the exploitation of the kid, but what appealed to me about the story was the fulfillment of the fantasy - participating in the museum merely due to my passion and love of the topic, that sort of collectorly drive toward seeking out other like-minded people who share the naive joy of getting to *play* as opposed to *learn*. Because I think all of us have had that yearning as we have passed through a museum - 'if I was allowed to have a say in this place, we'd do things *my* way!!' I have probably been too spoiled by all my learnings about How Not To Do Things In A Museum to really let go, but museums are still fun to me, so what appealed to me was precisely the fact that this kid LOVES this stuff - not that he is cute and has a lisp or is being exploited to draw in visitors...

Off-topic: my word verification is Sally. First time I've ever had a real word!

Amy said...

Agreed. While I get Pete's point, personally I think he's reading way too much into it. I hope he doesn't mind me saying that?! I fear that as museologists we tend to over-analyse stuff as per our training.

Plus, I'm trying really hard to suspend my default cynicism and see the good in everything at the moment. ;)