On Writing

And, I suppose, on PhD life in general, A. L. Kennedy's recent blog on the Guardian makes some very familiar points. Here is an excerpt for you...

"Yes, the Dark Night Of The Soul had arrived. Well, Dark Night Number One – there are usually several. This one involved page 153 – all the other pages weren't helping, but 153 was especially off-putting – plus unwise accommodation, a hideously nervous stomach which was preventing me from eating and sleeping (two things I enjoy), a number of oncoming onerous tasks for 2011, a marked inability to focus when trying to read illuminated signs and the complete failure of EVERYONE to email or call as and when expected. No sleep, no food, novel-wrestling and radio silence from all manner of previously lovely, useful and important folk, left me surveying the ruins of my career within minutes, envisaging a sad and unremarked death up an alleyway in Streatham, my withered corpse later consumed by feral badgers. Before the day was out I was chewing my own ankles for relief."

And more can be found here


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