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Friday, February 11, 2011

100 Experiences

Given the recent reprieve given to Leicester's Museums, I am beginning to think that it is worth this department thinking about what it could do to help maintain the value and power of these places. It has always seemed a little ironic to me that we have a world-leading Museum Studies School, and museums that have not always been well cared for.

However, these museums are, in many ways, unique and wonderful places. Each of Leicester City Council's Museums have objects, stories, ideas which are truly special. How, then, can we make that special nature manifest? By encouraging people to see beyond the surface, to see perhaps that which is not immediately apparent to the eye.

I've been a little bit inspired by this post from the Dallas Museum of Art, which encourages the visitor to engage with the museum in a multitude of different ways - some of which are quite inventive. Perhaps we need to do something similar with our own museums? Can we, collectively, think of a similar list of experiences to be had in New Walk, Newarke, the Guildhall, Jewry Wall, Abbey Pumping Station, and Belgrave Hall? And by doing so, can we show how valuable these places are, and protect them further for the future?


Amy said...

Nice list put together by Dallas Museum of Art - many are transferable. Something for the conference, perhaps?

Jenny said...

Maybe, maybe! I was impressed with it, certainly!

Elee said...

This is a really nice list. I've put a link to it on my twitter feed.

Dustin Angell said...

Thanks for sharing museum ideas from the UK. If you are wondering about ideas from the US, I've begun posting about my life as an educator at a science museum.