Things That Go Museum in the Night

It's now a month to Museums at Night, and all the attendant events that brings. I love this idea, and having had the chance this evening to wander around the Pitt Rivers after hours, I am reminded of the evocative power of these spaces at night time, without the disturbance of the day. I'm saddened, too, that Leicester is still somewhat lacking in it's events plan for the weekend.

I hope that this map, will lead you on a journey somewhere and somewhen magical and strange. If you can't take part in a Museums at Night event, I'd like you to share here what you would do, given the opportunity to experience, or organise, a night time foray into the museum of your choice.

Have wonderful, dark wanderings.


Stephanie said…
Well, I'm not sure I'll be able to go, but the Old Operating Theatre Museum in London are holding 'Surgery by Gaslight & Other Medical Tales' on Friday 13 May, which I think is an interactive storytelling event. (Also in May they have a really interesting lecture about the connections between pathology and mythology, and a magician-led event demonstrating Victorian illusion, mentalism and conjuring!)
J said…
Given that I grew up on things like the Mixed up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankenweiler, I feel well prepared to answer this question. I would overnight at the V&A's British Galleries and bathe in the courtyard pool. I don't love the Benugo catering they have, but beggars can't be choosers - I'd raid their cafes and eat off 18th century ceramics.
Jenny said…
Both sound fabulous! I hope that all enjoy whatever they do at Museums at Night!

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