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Monday, May 16, 2011



Chicago - May 16-17
Illinois Institute of Technology

Sponsored by Illinois Institute of Technology

In Partnership with:
The Arts & Business Council of Chicago
Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education
Chicago Public Schools
Museum of Science and Industry
The Field Museum
Urban Gateways.

Conference Agenda:
Walter Massey, President, School of The Art Institute of Chicago
Harvey White, Qualcomm co-founder
Todd Siler's Unique Metaphorming Workshop

* * * * *
*Certification of Hours of Attendance available*

The Art of Science Learning: Shaping the 21st-Century Workforce is an NSF-funded project convening educators, scientists, artists, business leaders, researchers and policymakers in three conferences this Spring (Washington DC, Chicago and San Diego) to explore how the arts can be engaged to strengthen STEM skills and spark creativity in the 21st-Century American workforce.

Following the successful debut of The Art of Science Learning conferences in Washington DC (April 6-7), we invite you to participate in the next conference in this series, hosted by the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago May 16-17.

The 1½-day conferences are hands-on, workshop-based forums organized around three interactive tracks that will: showcase interdisciplinary methods using arts-based learning to develop creativity, critical thinking and communication skills in the future STEM workforce (Educational Practice); share current research into the impact of arts-based approaches on science education (Research); and explore the connection between the arts, innovation and American economic competitiveness (Workforce Development).

A conference agenda is available on the website, The conference will feature opening keynotes by Walter Massey, President of the School of The Art Institute of Chicago, and Qualcomm co-founder Harvey White. All conferences also feature Dr. Todd Siler's unique Metaphorming Workshop, in which participants collaboratively model and explore ideas using arts and science-based hands-on techniques.

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