Events of Interest at Birmingham Book Festival

Many of you will be aware of my...erm...interest in books. So perhaps it is unsurprising that I'm keen to share the two following events with you. In 'All Night at the Museum' and 'Art and Writing: Launching the Barber Trail' leave me in no doubt that more and more people are realising the significant relationship between museum displays and the literary arts. In fact, it suggests that there's a huge amount of potential for cross-fertilization.

Perhaps some of you will be able to attend - 'All Night at the Museum' is on Saturday 1st October, and 'Art and Writing' on Thursday the 13th. Please, click the links and enjoy more literary fun!


J said…
Sounds amazing, if expensive!
Ariane said…
Would love to spend the night in the museum, phantastic idea!
Jenny said…
J - I know.

Ariane, we have a 'Museums At Night' festival in the UK every year - here's the link

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