Writing Up: The Material Culture of Composition

This is a view of my workspace here at home; I took the photo this evening, just as I finished writing up my latest (but not last, alas) chapter. You can see that I have a suitcase in which I keep most of my photocopies - this travels with me when I go back and forth from the UK and to my boyfriend's place. I have considered designing a special thesis suitcase, but my boyfriend wisely pointed out that PhD students wouldn't be able to afford it! And there are books and articles spilling on the floor, and my colourful post-it notes for bookmarking pages in said material are at my right. I have scribbled notes everywhere, and a glass of water to hand but not so close that I can knock it over. And Kleenex, because although my desk is in the basement (a walk-out basement, but still) it gets cold and I have a tendency to sneeze!

What does your workspace look like?


Stephanie said…
I love the plants! I have a tiny desk and workspace so I have to maintain a very quick turn around on post-it notes and papers or I don't have room to write! I have a Gantt Chart and calendar in front of my desk, and also some nice prints - one of Picadilly Circus in about 1870, an Erte print and a very Gothic rendering of Notre Dame Cathedral with a woman in black in the foreground reading Victor Hugo, with her foot resting on a skull.
Jenny said…
Significantly less glam than either of those!!! It involves lost of postcards, pictures of friends, meaningful but practiacally useless items, and randomly scrawled postit notes stuck all over my desk and computer screen. Usually at odd angles.

Oh, and a cup of tea.

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