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Sunday, December 04, 2011

CFP: Science and Education Thematic Journal Issue

Science & Education Thematic Journal Issue

History of Science in Museums
Submission Date: 31 March 2012

Science museums and science centres are primary avenues to communicate science to the public and are the major non-formal settings for science education. Yet, the potential role of the history (and philosophy) of science in this cultural context is not well explored. This special issue will publish current research in the area and illuminate a variety of issues on the uses of history of science in museum environments.

Three orientations have been identified that support a holistic approach to the role of history of science in museum environments:

[1] The history of science as an exhibited narrative in all its associated forms introducing science to the lay audience in museums and centres.

[2] The history of science as a methodological tool for science teaching; that is as a topic featuring in the content of museum educational programmes.

[3] The history of science exhibition as a visual exercise especially implemented to promote new forms of science communication and scholarship in humanities and social sciences; that is as a means of exploring art-science interrelationships.

Scholars contributing to the issue include:
 Prof. Fabio Bevilacqua (University of Pavia)
 Prof. Peter Heering (Universität Flensburg)
 Prof. Jean-Marc Lévy-Leblond (Université de Nice)
 Prof. Michel Van Praët (Directeur du projet de rénovation du musée de l’Homme, Paris)
 Prof. Jorge Wagensberg (Science Director of "la Caixa" Foundation, Barcelona)

Researchers working on areas related to the interdisciplinary fields of science education, social studies in science, history and philosophy of science and museology are cordially invited to contribute to the thematic issue. Conceptual and theoretical manuscripts are particularly welcome as well as case studies from professional museum educators.

Submission Date: 31 March 2012

Manuscripts, with abstract, should be submitted for review direct to:
Notification of intention to submit and subject matter is appreciated as it assists coordination and planning of the issue.

Such notification, questions and inquiries should be directed to the guest editors:
Anastasia Filippoupoliti
Lecturer pedagogics and museum education
Democritus University of Thrace, Greece

Dimitris Koliopoulos
Associate professor science education and science museum education
University of Patras, Greece

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