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Following on Ceri's post below, I though I would add some more photos of our trip with the Labbers. It was a great trip, and a wonderful opportunity to get out into a more remote part of the country it is otherwise hard to visit.

We were saddened to hear that the mini-manuscript by Charlotte Bronte was sold to France, but when I re-viewed the newest adaptation of Jane Eyre over the holidays I was heartened to see that the filmmakers had clearly drawn on the wealth of the Bronte Society's holdings to design their film. The work they do is really important and they have met with success only because of the contributions of like-minded individuals.
The sign for the museum. Which sister is it?
The path to the moors from the Parsonage. It is easy to imagine Charlotte wandering out.

Ceri also posed moodily on the moor-cum-farmer's-field.

This is my new friend, the fluffy church warden kitty I have named Bronte in my head. He/she would greet visitors and follow them around, and then hop on the donation box to hint that they should leave something for the restoration fund!
The original memorial plaque for the Brontes - the large marble one was moved when the church was extended after the Bronte's time.
Can't you just hear the branches calling out "Heathcliff"?

Just one of many terribly-punning shop names in the town, like Eyres and Graces, Villette Tearooms, etc.


Ceri said…
Over the weekend the Guardian reports on the terrible condition that Haworth Church is in -

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