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Thursday, March 15, 2012


From Left Coast Press comes this hilarious sale:

30-40% off ALL BOOKS, DEADLINE: March 22nd, 2012

It’s our seventh anniversary, and we’re celebrating with another book sale and contest! You can go to our website right now, input the discount code below, and SAVE 30% on our excellently-written books.

Would you rather get 40% off? Then write us the most terrible, horrible, ungood OPENING SENTENCE for an ACADEMIC OR PROFESSIONAL ARTICLE you can muster.

The fine print:

All Left Coast books are on sale at a 30% discount between NOW and October 22nd, 2012. Books must be ordered from our website ( and through our US distributor (U Chicago Press) and must include the discount code: L1012. In the shopping cart, remember to hit “update” after entering the code!

Write us the worst possible opening sentence for an academic article – 100 words or less – and we'll increase your discount to 40%. Submit it via email to by March 18th and we will send you a secret, yes secret, code that allows you to PURCHASE ANY LEFT COAST BOOKS AT A 40% DISCOUNT UNTIL MARCH 22ND.

The three WORST entrants, announced March 20, will each receive a free paperback of their choice!

Even if you don’t want to write us something terrible, take a look at our selection and use discount code L1012 at checkout. 30% is still a great deal!

You can pre-order George Hein's forthcoming book, PROGRESSIVE MUSEUM PRACTICE: JOHN DEWEY AND DEMOCRACY. It's not available until Summer, but why not get the discount now?

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