Conference - 'The Best in Heritage' in Croatia

The Best in Heritage .. the world's only annual survey of awarded museum, heritage and conservation projects

27-29 September 2012, Dubrovnik, Croatia

The Best in Heritage was conceived as a worldwide, annual survey of awarded museum, heritage and conservation projects awarded in the previous year. It seemed a justifiable exercise to unite and capitalize on the enormous expense of expertise and energy invested by important Juries into the evaluation of hundreds of candidates. Therefore, we brought these laureates together and created an extraordinary programme in which they will present their success stories and elaborate further on their creative approach.

The conference gives you a unique chance to see, hear, and meet representatives of these examples of professional excellence and get the insight into contemporary trends and tendencies. In three days of the conference, organised in partnership with Europa Nostra, 25 projects coming from 20 countries will be featured. The conference is under special patronage of ICOM and is supported by Ministry of culture of Republic of Croatia, The City of Dubrovnik, UNESCO Venice Office, ICCROM, IFLA, WFFM and many others.

The World Heritage City of Dubrovnik in the last week of September is still a lively but not an overcrowded place, the weather being sunny and comfortably warm. As every year, the atmosphere will be dynamic and with many opportunities to develop contacts and forge future partnerships and collaborations. Be sure to visit our web-site for more details and save your place at the up-coming event, 27-29 September 2012.
About us:
"The Best in Heritage" is an international, annual survey of award winning museum, heritage and conservation projects. The event is organised in partnership with Europa Nostra, under special patronage of ICOM, under patronage of ICOMOS, ICCROM, IFLA, UNESCO Venice Office, and with support of Ministry of Culture of Croatia and The City of Dubrovnik.
We invite institutions / projects awarded nationally or internationally in the previous year for their achievements. They are mostly museums, but we feature also heritage or conservation projects and represent a hand-picked choice of public quality and are examples of professional excellence. The original idea of the event proved to be well founded up on the need of different facets of heritage professions to come together. Every year we present over 20 awarded projects usually from 15 to 17 countries. Our conference has lived since 2002 through very successful 10 years.


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