Last Minute Contribution Call

"I am looking for one more contributor for a special issue of the Journal of
Museum Studies -- which I am guest-editing -- due out July 2013. One of the
contributors has had to drop out at a late date. The issue is focused on
museum education and social concerns with an emphasis on authentic and
creative partnerships between/among museum educators and community
orgs/ngos etc. Authors at this point are from both the US and Canada.
Contributors are welcome from any country.

The topic for which I am seeking an essay is for the essay is "Effective
from a Distance?"

"This topic examines the possibilities and challenges for museums hoping to
educate visitors about social issues/concerns that are most pressing in
another city, country, region etc. How do these programs develop? What is
the role of/need for experts and residents from that ‘other place’ in
developing educational plans? What are the limitations and possibilities
for this approach?"

These "essays" are intended to be more akin to "think pieces". Drafts will
be due to me by September 1. If interested please send a CV and abstract.

Questions welcome by email.
Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello,"


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