2013 New York State’s Museums in Conversation: What Does it Mean to be Diverse?

April 14-16, 2013 – Doubletree Syracuse, New York
Sponsored by Museumwise: The Museum Association of New York

Museums in Conversation, the largest gathering of museum professionals in New York State is looking for your participation!

This is the conference where YOU do the talking! Your ideas and proposals form the basis of the conference program.

2013 Conference Theme: What Does it Mean to be Diverse?

Museums and heritage organizations all across the state are working every day with incredibly diverse populations:  Alzheimer’s patients, new immigrants, youth at risk (and their parents), and pre-schoolers and teens to name but a few.  Our institutions cultivate new generations of volunteers, board members and staff to bring fresh perspectives that revitalize our work.  Diversifying audiences, programs, collections, and community relationships begins with an organizational commitment that must be a shared responsibility.  How will you participate and help your peers through this important conversation?  Museums in Conversation encourages you to hold your ideas in the palm of your hand to allow them to be picked up and used by others!

Looking for ideas for a conversation?  How about:
        • Innovative Interpretation and Programming for Diverse Audiences
        • Using Common Core Standards to Reach New Classrooms
        • Attracting and Keeping Diverse Boards and Volunteer Staff
        • Getting Smaller Smarter (Part II) to Encourage Fresh Perspectives
        • Diversifying Collecting Missions and Permanent Collections
        • Making the Multi-generational Workplace Work for Everyone
        • Exhibits that Exceed the Needs of Audiences
        • Making Place and Space for Many Voices
        • Diversifying the Spreadsheet (fundraising/earned income ventures)
        • Marketing for Multiple Audiences

Workshops are opportunities to present practical, hands-on information and ideas.  They may be theme-based or not.  Here are some ideas for workshops:
        • Collection Management and Storage Solutions for Small Museums
        • Career Planning
        • Incorporating New Technology/Social Media
        • Developing Educational or Public Programming Using Non-Traditional Partnerships
        • Mission Review/Strategic Planning for Impact
        • Grant writing
        • Developing a Marketing Strategy and Plan

Full Proposal Deadline September 14: If you have a fully formed program proposal, you may fill out the proposal form and return it to Museumwise: The Museum Association of New York by September 14, 2012


Topic Proposal Deadline July 20: If you have an idea for a discussion topic but need assistance developing your presentation plan or finding additional contributors, fill out the topic-only proposal form and return it to Museumwise: The Museum Association of New York by July 20, 2012.

Selected topics received by that date will be distributed to Museumwise: The Museum Association of New York members. Others interested in participating in a particular topic presentation will contact the Lead Facilitator who submitted the session, and that person will select additional facilitators and complete a full proposal form by September 14, 2012.

NOTE: if you submit a discussion topic for the early deadline, you are responsible for facilitating that discussion and completing the full proposal form

We welcome proposals from a wide range of institutions and practitioners, within and outside the museum community, to encourage lively discussions that offer new perspectives on our work and create new connections to each other.

Visit our conference website (www.museumsinconversation.org) for more details about submitting a proposal and to download the submission forms!


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