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Monday, November 05, 2012

EVA Call for Proposals

*EVA London 2013*
*Monday 29th July – **Wednesday 31st July 2013*
Venue: British Computer Society, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7HA

*Deadline: 18th January 2013*

Ideas and concepts in culture, heritage the arts and sciences: digital
arts, sound, music, film and animation, 2D and 3D imaging, European
projects, archaeology, architecture, social media for museums, heritage and
fine art photography, medical visualisation and more


A feature of EVA London 2013 is its varied session types. We invite
proposals of papers, demonstrations, short performances, workshops or panel
discussions. Demonstrations and performances will be an important part of
this year’s conference.  We especially invite papers or presentations on
topical subjects, and the newest and cutting edge technologies and

EVA London 2013 will include a digital art exhibition.

Only a summary of the proposal, on up to one page, is required for
selection. This must be submitted electronically according to the
instructions on the EVA London <> website.
Proposals may be on any aspect of EVA London's focus on visualisation for
arts and culture, heritage and medical science, broadly interpreted. Papers
are peer reviewed and may be edited for publication as hard copy and
online. Other presentations may be published as summaries or as papers.

If your proposal is a case study, we will be looking for discussions of
wider principles or applications using the case study as an example. A few
bursaries for EVA London registration fees will again be available if you
don't have access to grants.

As a guide for the subject areas EVA London 2013 welcomes, see


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