iSay: Visitor-Generated Content in Heritage Institutions

New Conference (and free) coming up in Leicester.

LocationSchool of Museum Studies, University of Leicester, UK
Dates11-12 September 2013

The focus of this iSay event is on the ethical, legal and epistemological frameworks that govern VGC, concerning itself with the practicalities of ‘generating’ visitor content. By exploring issues of IPR, ownership and maintenance of VGC as well as museum ethics pertinent to the integration, archiving and disposal of VGC, we are seeking to explore and address the tensions between museums’ aspiration to embrace VGC on one hand, and their anxieties over maintaining quality and trustworthiness.
Keynote speakers:
Naomi Korn (IP Consultant and Chair, Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance)
Mike Ellis (Thirty8 Digital)
Dr Janet Marstine (University of Leicester) 
Registration for the event is free. 


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