Dear Followers: Do you work in a UK museum?

Are you interesting in very experienced voluntary help this summer? 

Check out this great opportunity The Wandering Museum Consultant.

Please see the inset below for more information:

What is the Wandering Museum Consultant?
Short Answer: A crazy idea.
Proper Answer: An experienced museum professional wandering around the world, and spending time at a variety of museums offering my services as a volunteer consultant. Throughout, I will be blogging about each museum, the region/country and the project itself.
The purpose of the Wandering Museum Consultant is two-fold:
1) The museums will benefit from:
  • Extra help from an experienced museum professional
  • Exposure to non traditional markets through my blog
2) I will benefit:
  • Experience in different types of museums and in different countries
  • Develop a network (perhaps connect those I work with with each other as well)
  • Meaningful travel
I have seven years experience working in museums, primarily in Canada, but also in the UK. I have had the opportunity to work in small museums, where I have been able to develop skills in many different areas, including education programming and delivery, collections management and research, exhibition research and design, volunteer management and museum governance. In October 2012 I was honoured with an Ontario Museum Association’ Promising Leadership Award of Excellence for my body of work. Please check out my C.V. for more on my experience and accomplishments.
Currently, I am putting together an initial short term Wandering Museum Consultant program for this summer (a bit of a trial run). I will be spending the summer in Europe, and I am looking for 3 more 2 week placements in the UK or Europe. I am doing these placements on a volunteer basis, however, I greatly appreciate a donation of housing where I go (this does not need to be private accommodation, I am perfectly happy to be in spare rooms, etc.).
June 3 – 13: Vindolanda Charitable Trust, UK
June 16 – 27: ?
July 7 – 18: ?
July 21 – August 1: ?
If you are interested in hosting me at your museum, please contact me at


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