Researchers to Offer Insights into Capturing Visitor-Centered Experiences in January 17th Panel

Capturing Visitor-Centered Experiences: Panelist Session

University of Leicester, School of Museum Studies Collections Room

17th January 2018, 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Speakers: Professor Suzanne MacLeod (Design), Dr. Nuala Morse (Health & Wellbeing), Jocelyn Dodd (Learning impact - GLOs), and Jennifer Bergevin (Impact of visiting museums - a longitudinal study)

Visitor-centered experiences are a crucial part of contemporary museum research. In this RCMG seminar, the panelists will briefly discuss research approaches to visitor-centered experiences, the benefits and challenges involved in using these approaches, and their impact on the museum sector. 

After the initial panel discussion, the audience will be invited to actively engage with the theme of capturing visitor-centered experiences, its importance in museum studies research, and the implications of this approach in future academic enquiry.


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