"The Fabric of Memory" at the Being Human Festival

Bring along fabrics that remind you of someone or an event and enter into conversations with performers about how we remember as textiles are carefully ironed and folded. This participatory performance looks at the memories sparked by our clothes.

The event is a free drop-in performance on 22nd November from 3pm-8pm at the Attenborough Arts Centre, where you are invited to bring along clothes, textiles and other fabrics.  There will also be academic talks with researchers from the University of Leicester, artists and a textile conservator, exploring our relationships to textiles and memory.
These talks are free and booking is recommended.

Please visit:

The academic talks are led by artist Nir Segal and Dr Nuala Morse, School of Museum Studies

  • Professor Sandra Dudley, School of Museum Studies – talking about her research with refugee women and their relationships with clothing, identity and experiences of displacement.  
  • Alison Lister – Conservator, experienced at treatment of all types of textiles. 
  • Dr Hannah Turner, School of Museum Studies– talking about her collaborative work around digital scanning of traditional weaving.
  • Anna Sikorska – Artist, talking about her use of textile in art exploring people, place and paradox. 
  • Aya Haidar – Multimedia artist, talking her use of embroidery in art exploring loss, migration and memory.  
  • Dr Malika Kraamer, Curator and Scholar, talking about her work with weavers of Ghanaian kente cloth, exploring memory and

The event was selected to be part of Being Human by the festival organisers, the School of Advanced Study, University of London, the Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC), and the British Academy (BA).

Please contact Jenni Hunt at jh713@leicester.ac.uk if you are interested in being involved. 


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