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Visitor Technology Preferences

Brand new EPIC competition!!

The Future of Green Architecture: A Floating Museum

Museums that will scare you silly...

At home with Byron - a Trip to Newstead Abbey

Portuguese Museological Resource

Live Interpretation Blog plus Minds-on Engagement

Vandals deface Uffington White Horse in Oxfordshire

New guidance published by English Heritage to protect local areas

Switzerland Tree Museum!!!

Every little helps

Minister Calls for Creationism in Museums

Digital Media and its Applications in Cultural Heritage

Third International Conference on the Inclusive Museum

Issue no. 14 of e-conservation magazine is now online

The Smithsonian and Synchrotron Soleil Join to Analyze Antiquities, Cultural Heritage Materials

Fourth International Conference Responsible Tourism in Destinations Living Landscapes of Oman

Research Week Presentations Posts - Over and...

Day Three - Conflict Between Principles, Theory and Practice in Museum Project Management

Day Three - Vikings: The Barbaric Heroes

Day Three - Is Nature Stuffed? How Museums Can Use Natural History to Inspire a Love of Nature and a Conservation Ethic

Day Three - Adult Learning In Portuguese Museums: A Case Study

Day Three - Cultural Issues and ICT for Cultural Heritage: Designs and Visitors' Interpretations

Day Two - How Do - and How Should - We Think About the Past? Exploring Historical Consciousness'

Day Two - Digital Ethics: The Display of Sacred Devotional Objects in the Online Museum

Day Two - Pharonic Material Culture, National Identity, and the Marketing of A Political Image'

Another landmark in the Staffordshire Hoard campaign

Day Two - Intermission Two!

Research Week - The Biography of Votive Objects

Research Week - Visual Exploration of Abstract Art

Research Week - National Museums in Culturally Diverse Societies: A Place to Promote Diversity

Research Week - Day Two - Second Half

Research Week - Day Two - Intermission

Research Week - Representing Hybrid Cultures at the Tropenmuseum

Research Week - Popular Music Remains: Artifact, Experience and the Museum as Interface

Research Week - Subverting the (Hetero)normative Museum

Research Week - Day Two


Research Week - Well, Day One!

Research Week - Navigating the Cultural Ecosystem of Art Fairs.

Research Week - Cultural Developments on the Quayside and the Rebranding of NewcastleGateshead

Research Week - Human Rights, the Museum, and Lunch

Research Week - Universities and Univeristy Museums: Institutional Thought and Territory

Research Week - The Reconstruction of Museums in the Late 19th Century in England: Formation of A Museum Community

Research Week - Old is New: the marketing scheme in the National Palace Museum, Taipei

Research Week Day One - Introduction

More Worthy Buildings

Tate Britain Symposium: Interpretation, Theory & the Encounter

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CFP: Radical History Review