Hmmmm - what to do with all our lovely money?!

So, this evening a few select members of the Conference Committee met at 'The Tiffin' on London Road mostly to eat lots of lovely Indian cuisine, but also to decide what to do with the profit made from the Conference in February. And, I'm pleased to report, we reached a consensus. Here we all are, having just made that momentous decision (and spent some of the aforementioned profit!)...

For those of you who don't know what we all look like (left to right) Anna (W), Amy (moi) and Heather...

...Anna (C) and Lena (L).
So, just what did we all decide?'re just gonna have to wait and see. Really, I need to talk to Ceri first in our capacities as joint Student Reps, before I can make any grand announcement. But, I'm sure, if you were to track any of us down and bung us a few quid, you could probably persuade us to reveal all. ;)


Lena's said…
Thanks for this Amy.
It was a really great time!
Paneer and King prawn were fab.
Lena's said…
Thanks for this Amy.
That was a great time.
Paneer and King Prawn Curry were absolutely fab!
It seems that you've had a very nice time!

And, may I take this opportunity to thank you all for having decided to offer me the rest of the money. I am really touched! :-)

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