Open Museum Journal 8 (2006)

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Open Museum Journal vol. 8 (2006): Contest & Contemporary Society.

Redefining museums in the 21st Century
edited by Fiona Cameron & Andrea Witcomb
The issue is based on a one day Symposium held in Sydney in 2003 sponsored by the Museums and Galleries Foundation of NSW, History Department,University of Sydney and the Australian Museum Audience Research Centre. The symposium was based on a research project looking at the relationship between contestation and museums.The project was funded by the Australian Research Council and the Canadian Museums Association.

Criticality and Contention: museums, contemporary societies, civic roles and responsibilities in the 21st Century
Fiona Cameron

Beyond Surface Representations
Museums, Edgy Topics, Civic Responsibilities and Modes of Engagement
by Fiona Cameron

Pushing Buttons
Controversial topics in museums
by Linda Ferguson

Museums as Sources of Information and Learning
The decision making process
by Linda Kelly

Along the continuum, museums and possibilities
by Elaine Heumann Gurian

Museums and the culture wars
In defence of civic pluralism
by Graeme Davison

Content and Contention
Can museums present controversial issues?
by Patrick Greene

A journalist's perspective on the museum world
by Chris Nash

Panel Discussion
chaired by Dr Paul Tacon

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