The end of the 'golden age' of funding for museums and heritage?

Doubtless it will soon be a time looked upon with nostalgia in the museum sector, the time Before the Olympics (BO for short).

As I suspected already the articles about lottery cash that could (or should depending on your point of view) be going to museums and heritage projects is being siphoned off to pay for the Olympics have started. This one in the Guardian this morning predicts funding for larger projects (those over £5 million) will be cut by around £60 million.,,2157927,00.html

As I am not a huge fan of the Olympics - at worst it seems to me to be an excuse for national posturising whilst athletes try not to get caught for taking illegal substances - it is devestating to see that the government can easily raid the Lottery's coffers for as much as they like, whilst the HLF must continue to meet the demands of the public and the sector but with reduced money. Of course it might stimulate innovative techniques to meet these demands and with more competition money is (hopefully) likely to be spent on the most important projects, if such a thing can ever be judged effectively. I for one would rather my Lottery money go to heritage than to sport, which always complains about being under-funded but then spends millions keeping footballers and their WAGs in fast cars and fake tan.


Amy said…
Of course there are aspects of sport in this country woefully underfunded too. I wish there was a satisfactory way to fund both the Olympics and the arts equitably. Perhaps Premiership footballers could be persuaded to donate a weeks wages to their local museums?! Hmmm...I feel a campaign, or - at least - an Attic poll coming on!

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