Museums and Big Brother

Y'know, every year I say 'I'm not going to watch Big Brother this year' and usually about three or four weeks in I succumb. But not this year. I haven't seen any of it. It's only now, with three weeks (??) to go, I discover there are two, yes TWO, museum people in the house this year. Both contestants - Gerry and Jonty - are still yet to be evicted, and both apparently have interesting 'private' lives. Who'd have thought museums would be such hotbeds of...err...permissiveness. What might this do for the popular image of museologists?!!!


Ceri said…
I would have thought the more a job is percived to be boring and stuffy the more it is actually peopled by strange... um Doctor Who obsessives.... um lets change the subject quickly shall we??
Amy said…
Ah, you obviously missed the stuff about spanking and leather. :)

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