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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

CFP: Cultures for Display

From H-ArtHist.

Call for Proposals:

Panel Title : Cultures for Display: Practices of Exhibiting Non-Western and Latin American Contemporary Art at 2009 CAA conference, Los Angeles, California, February 25-28, 2009

Dr. Miriam M. Basilio, Assistant Professor
NYU Department of Art History
Silver Center 3 Fl, 100 Washington Sq. East
NY, NY 10003

Dr. Francesca Dal Lago
CNWS Nonnensteg 1-3 P.O. Box 9515
Leiden 2300 RA Netherlands

The globalization of contemporary art and biennials has led to the circulation of works produced outside of Europe and North America within the Western cultural system. A related case is Latin American art, which despite its links to the Western tradition is often understood as "non Western." Artists and curators sometimes function as "native informants" legitimizing cravings for cultural diversity, that reinforce a Euro-American canon of modernity. We invite artists, curators, art historians or anthropologists to examine the ways in which art produced outside of Europe/North America is presented: Topics might include the curatorial premises and critical reception of exhibitions, the perspective of artists on the ways in which their work has been displayed and interpreted internationally, or the relation between "global" exhibitions and the art market.

Proposals should be sent by May 9, 2008, to:

Miriam Basilio
Assistant Professor
NYU Department of Art History
Silver Center 3 Fl, 100 Washington Sq. East
NY, NY 10003

Please see the CAA's "Call for Participation"
( )
for eligibility and submission guidelines.

Detailed information on all the 120 Sessions on Art History at the CAA 2009 and their respective call for papers can be found at:

Deadline for CFPs of all sessions is May 9, 2008.

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