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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

CFP: Past vs Present

From H-Museum:

Call for Papers

Past vs Present
Churchill College, Cambridge, UK
13 - 15 July 2009

Joint meeting of the British Association for Victorian Studies and the North American Victorian Studies Association hosted by the Cambridge Victorian Studies Group. The CVSG is a five-year project at Cambridge University funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

How did the Victorians rearrange the past? What new pasts did they discover?

Conference topics include:
The ways in which new discoveries across diverse fields helped shape new disciplines such as archaeology, geology, biology, linguistics, classics and history;
The proliferation of myths of origin - cosmic, geological, biological, historical, and anthropological; New technologies and tools for investigating the past - such as photography or museology;
Diverse and even contradictory responses to the past from different groups of people;
What the Victorians decided to throw out, and what they decided to keep;
The heritage that the Victorians invented for us - are we still living in a Victorian world?

The conference will feature four plenaries, eight special sessions, ten workshops, outings in Victorian Cambridge, and an after-banquet Literary Panel with neo-Victorian novelists.

Special Sessions:
Yesterday; Old Worlds and New; Tomorrow; Learning; Dressing Up; Leaving; Growing Up; Throwing Out.

Archaeology for Victorians; Evolution for Victorians; Enlightenment for Victorians; Music for Victorians; Architecture for Victorians; Prehistory for Victorians; Roundheads for Victorians; Classics for Victorians; Medievalism for Victorians; Bible for Victorians.

Two Categories of Attendance:
Papers or Workshops
1) Submit an individual paper or panel proposal, or
2) Sign up to join one of ten Workshops
(see conference website for guidelines: )

The deadline for proposals and the initial round of workshop sign-ups is 26 SEPTEMBER 2008.

Registration information and a provisional programme will be available on the website by the end of 2008.

Enquiries in advance of the deadline may be directed to Please put "BAVS-NAVSA" in the subject line.

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