NaMu: Day 2, Part 2

Continued from Day 2, Part 1...

So, I've just remembered that I'm yet to finish off my review of the Fifth NaMu session held at the University of Leicester back in June. Where were we? Ah yes - we'd finished the morning session and were having lunch...

The afternoon session was devoted to group work. Our task? 'To consider how the national museum might be re-imagined in the light of the technological revolution.' My group (A), were tasked with plotting the landscape of national museums in the future. Other groups looked at Information, National Boundaries, Voice & Authority, and Infrastructure.

Given it was such a lovely day, my group headed outside onto Victoria Park for a spot of brainstorming.

Sadly, this is where I will have to leave the narrative; I had to keep a long-standing hospital appointment (don't worry - nothing life threatening!) and was, thus, not privy to the group discussions, nor the presentations that followed. By all accounts there were very entertaining, thought-provoking and enjoyed by all.

I rejoined delegates in the evening for the Conference Dinner, held at Belmont House Hotel (where many of the assembled were staying). My memories of this event are rather blurred (and I hadn't even been drinking!), but I remember a pretty good four-course meal and rather fantastic company. My gang were enjoying ourselves sooooo much we even forwent the planned quiz night at The Old Horse. The conversation continued well into the early hours, some of us (ahem Pippa) fortified by copious amounts of free alcohol (there have to be some perks to conference going!). :)

And so to bed...eventually (I suffered for my excesses the next day!)

To be continued.


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