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Association of Art Historians Annual Conference 2009: Intersections
Manchester Metropolitan University, 2-4th April 2009
Student Session Call for Papers

And you call yourself an Art Historian?
Navigating the terrain of "cross/trans/inter-research"

Every academic discipline has its boundaries: what happens when you cross them? Those who do may find themselves entering a minefield, at constant risk of being deemed "pseudo-academic" or "non-specialist". Can you be a successful art historian while also being a capable writer who can tell a good story? Is it possible to produce findings that are relevant to a larger and possibly diverse audiences, without sacrificing the depth of your argument? Is it possible to work across multiple fields, deploying the ideas and methodologies of other disciplines, without threatening or diluting academic research?

We invite papers that come up against the visible as well as the implicit boundaries of art history: they may operate on the border of other disciplines (whether it be archaeology or neuroscience); may be termed sensationalist (because of writing style or the controversial nature of the topic); or engage with different or multiple methodologies.

This session will look beyond the (unwritten) rules of art history, providing a forum for postgraduates who are navigating the terrain of cross/trans/inter-disciplinary research while still defining themselves as historians of art.

Deadline for proposals: 10th November 2008
To submit a proposal for this session, please download the AAH09 Paper
Proposal Form from and send to:
Lara Eggleton, University of Leeds:
Clare O'Dowd, University of Manchester:


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