I've recently signed up to Feelfit, an online fitness instructor-cum-diary thingy, in a desperate attempt to lose a few pounds so I can fit into my skinny jeans for summer. I noticed today that they've blogged some simple exercises to do at your desk if you're busy studying.

Pedal boating to raise heartbeat and stimulate blood:
Place hands on the arms of a sturdy chair for support. Now raise knees approximately 10-15cm of the ground; bring your right knee up towards your chest and simultaneously stretch the left leg out using a cycling motion. Repeat five times.

Thigh and buttock raise to work the upper leg and buttocks:
Place hands on the arms of a sturdy chair for support. Interlink fingers around your left knee; as you raise your knee, pull it gently towards your chest and hold for one second. Repeat with the right knee. Do this exercise ten times.

Squat for firm thighs and buttocks and to help flatten the stomach:
Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and hold your back straight. Keeping your back straight, head forward and feet firmly on the floor, slowly bend your knees. Keep your kneecaps aligned above the ends of your toes as you squat. As your buttocks move backwards, hold the squat position for a fraction of a second, before pushing upwards with your thigh muscles. Repeat ten times.

I'm pedal boating as I type. ;)


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