Web searches #2

While I  take a quick break from writing-up, let me regale you, dear readers, with the next instalment of the various curious ways in which people have googled their way to the Attic.  Enjoy!

I was a long long way of (aren't we all, mate?)

inspirational quotes from a drug attic (do you have something to tell us Magnus?  ;))

mass hanging by henry viii (it's time to give him a rest, folks)

musical blogger (that's Ceri's department)

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (?)

people who hate Andy Warhol's silver clouds (do we?)

turgid prose (yep, there's lots of that)

ptereosaurs when where they dead (I think we should refer this to Dave Unwin)

obituary comments on des newton ship bottler (dearly departed Des was a champion bottler of ships)

social networking medium exchange (spooky!)

terry farrell nude (scary!)

snow in the attic (drugs, again?)

social network a place for collectors of lighted christmas village ( I can't even begin to imagine...)

useless arts and humanities debate (see 'turgid prose')

"paul maccartney's handwriting" (forgery 101?)

"place or places to pull" rothko tate (I need to know if it was successful)

- and, finally

celebrities with hallucinations (it's the 'snow')


J said…
I just don't understand how the Attic comes up in all these result searches! Where in our metadata does "Terry Farrell nude" appear?
Amy said…
I have absolutely no idea! It's bizarre! But, very amusing. ;)

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