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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Museums and Moving Images (Los Angeles, CA/US, 17-21 March 2010)

Call for Papers

Museums and Moving Images
Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference
Los Angeles, CA
March 17-21, 2010

This panel explores the complex relationship between museums and moving image media. Since the emergence of the film archive movement during the coming of film sound, the role of the museum in the collection, preservation and exhibition of films has been subject to much debate. It is a site at which the cultural value of the medium has been both claimed and contested. The late twentieth century brought about two important developments: the establishment of specific museums dedicated to the history of the moving image and the innovations in video technology (first analog, then later digital), which brought moving images into museum and gallery spaces in diverse ways. As science, technology and natural history museums increasing rely on IMAX theaters to draw visitors, so art museums are curating more shows by contemporary artists working in moving images. Both of these developments have sparked wide-ranging debates about entertainment, art and pedagogy in the museum.

Possible paper topics include (but are not restricted to)

-- the history and politics of film museums
-- the film archives of museums (such as MoMA's Film Library)
-- IMAX in the museum
-- museums and film curation/programming
-- the integration of moving image technologies into museum display
-- moving images in the contemporary art museum
-- the representation of museums in film, television and new media

Please send paper proposal (250-300 word abstract, brief bio and biblio) or inquiries via email to by August 9, 2010.

Dr. Roger Hallas
Assistant Professor of English
Syracuse University

H-Net Network for Museums and Museum Studies

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