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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Pre-History of Museopunk - Cross Posted to The Museopunk Ning

I've just finished reading Calum Storrie's The Delirious Museum. In it, the author details some really interesting, individual and subversive responses to museums and their perceived conservatism. Right from the Surrealist Movement of the early 20th century, who demanded death for the museum, through the Situationists, Construtivists and Deconstructivists, up until the radical reconstructions and museum buildings of more recent times, by figures such as Libeskind (a figure less controversial now than he was), Storrie's architecturally based history gives a glimmer of things which we might term prefigurations or earlier incarnations of the spirit of change which Museopunk embodies, or should embody.

So I want to ask you all if you have any examples of previous 'museopunk' movements, great individuals or institutions at the forefront of change. What impact did and do these movements have? And importantly, do they always, eventually, become the next 'establishment', waiting for the new generation to overturn them yet again?

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