Travelgrants for ICOM GC, Shanghai 2010

Dear ICME member,

Information and applications for travel grants to the 22nd General Conference of ICOM to be held in Shanghai, November 7-10, 2010. Information can be found at the following website: [ ] Please note that two types of travel grants will be available – grants for members from developing nations and grants for young members (40 years or younger).

Grant proposals are DUE in Paris by December 31st, 2009. Please refer to this website if you are eligible to apply. Please remember that you must be a member of ICOM. If you are applying with support from ICME, you must be a member of ICME or work for a museum which is an institutional member.

If you would like to apply with support from ICME, please send me a copy of the completed application so that I can send in a convincing support letter.

I encourage all ICME members who are qualified for this funding to apply for it so that our committee can be well represented at the triennial.


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Peter Bjerregaard
Editor, ICME News

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Dept. of Anthropology and Ethnography
University of Aarhus
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