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Monday, July 04, 2011

CFP International Journal of Intangible Heritage

Call for papers of International Journal of Intangible Heritage

International Journal of Intangible Heritage seeks to be an inter-communicative and interdisciplinary channel for scholarly research on intangible heritage around the world with respect to its preservation, transmission and promotion. With critical academic articles, provocative viewpoints and reviews, the IJIH, a peer-reviewed academic journal tries to enrich discourses on intangible heritage that reflects the connections between intangible heritage and people. International Journal of Intangible Heritage is an annual-basis publication officially supported by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) with its publication secretariat office in the Cultural Exchange and Education Division, the National Folk Museum of Korea.

Submission Requirements

By submitting the paper to IJIH, all authors agree to abide by all IJIH paper submission and publication policies. Namely, authors confirm that the work is original, has not appeared in literature in any form in the past and will not be submitted to any other venue concurrently with IJIH submission or until it appears in IJIH proceedings(in the case of acceptance).
If a manuscript is based on a lecture, conference paper or talk, specific details should accompany the submission. Furthermore, upon paper acceptance, authors agree to transfer copyright on the selected finalist paper to IJIH.

※ Prospective authors are requested to submit the submission form and abstract attached with her/his article. Only papers that submitted with the submission form and abstract are eligible for consideration.
※ The paper withdrawals submitted after deadline will be considered to the next volume.

There are detailed Instructions to Contributors on the preparation of manuscripts and illustrations in previous volumes of the Journal (in both the printed and electronic editions) and these are available on the Journal website at:

Important Date

Deadline for the IJIH Vol.7: Dec. 15th. 2011

Categories of contribution

The Journal welcomes offers of contributions covering all areas of intangible heritage studies and practice.

(1) Main articles (double refereed), normally between 4,000 and 6,000 words, excluding notes, bibliography and illustrations. An A4 size page of plain text averages around 800 words, and the printed paper will normally be allocated six, eight or ten journal pages according to length and illustrations. Prospective authors should consult the Editorial Board through the Editor-in-Chief <> if a longer contribution is proposed.
(2) Short communications (double refereed), of up to 2,000 words (two to four journal pages).
(3) News and reviews items of up to 1,000 words on conferences, publications or projects (which will be subject to normal editing by not formal refereeing. Publication is subject to relevance to the Journal and the decision of the Editorial Board)
We are now seeking suitable contributions for Volume Seven in all three categories: main papers, short communications, and news and reviews, on any aspect of research in intangible heritage studies.
For further information, please refer to ‘Instructions to contributors.

Contact for Submission

For manuscript submission contact:Publication SecretariatInternational Journal of Intangible Heritage
Cultural Exchange & Education Division
The National Folk Museum of Korea
37 Samcheong-no, Jongno-gu, Seoul Korea 110-820 Emails: ,
Tel: +82-(0)2-3704-3101,3122,3123
Fax: +82-(0)2-3704-3149

For editorial policy etc. inquiries contact:Editor-in-Chief: Professor Amareswar Galla Email: E-mail:

For further information and inquiries, please refer to the official webpage of IJIH:

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