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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Writing Up: The Pleasure of Graphs

Just wanted to say thanks, Attic readers, for being supportive about my last post; I managed to finish my chapter today, slightly ahead of schedule, though somewhat under my projected word count, and now I have a few spare days in which I can catch up on other stuff! I'm a visual person, and I like facts and figures to track my accomplishments (otherwise I undervalue them), so if you're like me, here's a pie chart of my progress so far:
(For those of you who may be red-green colourblind, or otherwise visually impaired, I have completed 39.75% of my word count.)


Ariane said...

How boring the red part would look without the green one - and how boring the green without the red!

Jenny said...

Well done!

You are going really well, it's so great to hear your thoughts in the posts, and how you work. Inspiring.