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Thursday, February 16, 2012

engage journal - contributions wanted

Invitation to contribute to the engage Journalengage 30: Arts and Healthcare (working title)
Deadline: 8 March 2012
Proposals are invited for contributions to engage 30, our third online issue of the engage journal, on the theme of the visual arts and healthcare in a broad range of settings.

We are interested in contributions from colleagues worldwide, reflecting on the practices and challenges faced in different contexts, in relation to:

• The willingness of and constraints on those in the medical and caring professions to engage with the arts
• How artists, galleries, arts professionals and healthcare workers can work together, and the challenges and opportunities of partnership working
• Approaches to research, and evidence of the benefits of arts and health projects
• The impact of arts and health practice on policy
• How arts and health programmes can help deliver governments’ Older People Strategies
• The concept of risk in the cultures of the visual arts and gallery education – which claim to encourage risk-taking – vs. health care, which is often perceived as risk-averse
• The arts and caring professions: what are the benefits to carers?
• Commissioning artists and visual arts projects in healthcare settings
• The role gallery settings can play in exploring healthcare issues
• How visual arts programmes contribute to patient experiences of healthcare

Final articles lie between 1,500 and 4,000 words. The final submission deadline for engage 30 is 8 May 2012.

We welcome contributions which make use of the potential of the online format using video, audio or images.

We are also interested in articles which take the form of interviews or discussions.

If you are interested in contributing, please send
A short, informal proposal of no more than 200 words
Your contact details
A biography of up to 100 words
to, by 10am on 8 March 2012.

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