Intrepid Researcher Series

For campus based students, the Intrepid Researcher Series run by the University of Leicester might not have crossed your radar yet but if not then do have at the programme because there are some really interesting sessions.

The programme offers a series of talks looking at methodological and practical issues to do with research, and is open to academics and PhD students alike. I went to one on developing research questions and it was interesting to see that other disciplines have the same challenges in coming up with the all-important question that will define your research perfectly - to yourself and others!

This coming Monday 20 February features Dr Janet Marstine and Jocelyn Dodd from Museum Studies presenting their research on Museum Ethics. Entitled 'Strategies for Introducing and Embedding a New Museum Ethics in the Museum Sector', their premise is that traditional museum ethics is based on a rigid and technical language created by like-minded individuals to maintain standard practice and power structures. Increasingly, this approach is unable to guide museum professionals through the complex ethical challenges and opportunities emerging from the 21-st century social, technological, economic and political landscape. Janet and Jocelyn will discuss their research, which aims to introduce and embed within the sector a new concept of ethics that treats ethics as both a discourse and a dynamic social practice, which is central to the process of change, both inside and outside the museum.

They will examine the methodology for their current AHRC research network grant on advancing 21st-century museum ethics, focusing on key strategies for: identifying relevant project partners and key participants; defining productive modes of collaboration; and designing network activities that meet the goals of the project. In particular, they will consider the challenges of negotiating with stakeholders a deliberately designed open-ended process for generating project outcomes.

Please be aware that you do need to sign up for the session by Friday 17 March (please go to the bottom of the page for the booking form) - but please do go along and support Janet and Jocelyn in presenting their exciting research to as wide an audience as possible.


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