Call for Papers for 2013 CARE Marketplace of Ideas

Call for Proposals for the
2013 CARE Marketplace of Ideas
Held at the AAM Annual Meeting and MuseumExpo™ 2013
Monday, May 20, 3:30 PM-5:30 PM
Baltimore Convention Center
Deadline: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2013
To: Stacy Klingler,, Chair CARE Marketplace of Ideas
The 2013 CARE Marketplace of Ideas will showcase how audience research and evaluation can help museums best harness the power of story, the theme of this year's AAM meeting. In addition to sharing some of the most current work in our specialty, we particularly welcome proposals that describe how audience research and evaluation helps museums answer the following questions:
1. What are the elements that make a great and unforgettable story?
2. What are the techniques for good storytelling?
3. How do we measure the impact of story on our different audiences?
4. How effectively do we use storytelling to share authority?
5. How do we best use storytelling to achieve our immediate goals and fulfill our long-term missions as core educational and community institutions?
In addition to dynamic poster presentations, the CARE Marketplace will team up with the Excellence in Exhibitions competition to present multiple examples of innovative, critical and cross-disciplinary thinking that enable us, as museum professionals, to create visitor experiences that build on the power of the story.
The purpose of the CARE Marketplace is:
1. To showcase audience research and evaluation work currently being undertaken in and for museums
2. To encourage museums of all sizes and types to engage in audience research and evaluation
3. To present information on the related areas of museum audiences and museum programs and exhibitions, to encourage museum professionals to seek generalizations, trends, and principles that can guide efforts to improve practice
Museum staff, consultants, museum studies faculty, and students who have done work on visitor studies, audience research and evaluation, and museum education are encouraged to share their findings.
For those presenters who plan to attend ONLY on Monday (the day of the Marketplace), complimentary day registration will be available; please indicate on the submission form if you desire complimentary registration for Monday.
Each presenter will prepare a poster or other form of display, handouts, and other materials as relevant. Displays will be on view concurrently during the two hour session. Session visitors will be invited to walk from display to display, read the posters and other materials, and interact with the presenters. Presenters must be knowledgeable about the study and available throughout the session for discussion. If accepted, presenters will be sent guidelines for content, format, and delivery of materials.
To submit a proposal, please complete contact Stacy Klingler at to request a 2013 Marketplace Submission Form.


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