engage journal - call for proposals

Proposals are invited for contributions to engage 32, on the theme of Critical Citizenship and Belonging
We are interested in contributions from colleagues worldwide, reflecting on the practices and challenges faced in different contexts, in relation to questions such as:

  • How have participatory art and education projects facilitated critical citizenship and addressed notions of belonging?
  • What are the relationships between museum and gallery collections and national identity?
  • How does the visual arts respond to identities which are complex, individual and shifting?  
  • What is the relationship between cultural cohesion in the UK and other countries?  
  • How can the visual arts enable disenfranchised groups to play a more active part in society?
  • What is the role of citizenship in education and how has it changed? What are the challenges to children and young people feeling a sense of belonging or citizenship?
  • How are gallery education projects exploring these concerns and what role can artists play?
  • What impact does the economic and political climate have on the contribution culture makes to defining and developing citizenship?
  • How is cultural identity treated by institutions when citizens are newly arrived, displaced, returning or transient?
  • Is there a new citizenship which is about global urbanism?  
  • Is there a link between national or social identity and making? 

Final articles lie between 1,500 and 4,000 words. The submission deadline for engage 32 is March 2013. We welcome contributions which make use of the engage journal’s online format.

If you are interested in contributing to this issue, please send an informal proposal of no more than 300 words, your job/freelance title and contact details to laura.cherry@engage.org by 10am on 8 January 2013.

engage is the National Association for Gallery Education, the UK’s most effective advocacy and support organisation for gallery education. First published in 1996, the engage journal is the international journal of visual art and gallery education. Each edition of this twice-yearly online publication focuses on a separate theme, to form a definitive collection of work on all aspects of visual art and gallery education. The journal can accessed by all engage members and institutional subscription holders including libraries around the world.



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