Conference - 'Object Matters'

Conference Announcement

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are now taking bookings for the conference 'Object Matters: Making 1916 - the material and visual culture of the Easter Rising.' This will be held April 26 & 27th at the Wood Quay Venue, Dublin 8. The conference is convened by Lisa Godson (National College of Art and Design/GradCAM and Joanna Brück (University College Dublin).

Topics include: archaeological perspectives on the final hours of the Rising; uniforming the rebels; typographic ghosts of 1916;  newsreels of 1916; the architecture of reconstruction; 1916 exhibitions at the National Museum of Ireland (1932-1991);Celtic Revival dress; prison art and the construction of social identity.

Speakers include Nicholas Allen (University of Georgia) on ‘Lost city of the archipelago: Dublin at the end of empire’, Pat Cooke (University College Dublin) on ‘Aetheriality and materiality: material culture and the myth of 1916′ and Mary E. Daly (University College Dublin) – ’1916 as the national commemoration?  The paradox’; Bill McCormack on ‘Materiality and forgery: the castle document’ and Kevin Rockett (Trinity College Dublin) on ‘Changing representations of Ireland’s past in films made during the 1910s’

Details on rationale, booking, location, and the full list of speakers
and titles can be found at our wordpress site

€40 waged/€20 unwaged


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