US Student Paper Competition

2013 Warren E. Roberts Graduate Student Paper Competition

In memory of folklife scholar Warren E. Roberts, a longtime PAS: APAL
member and former member of the Board of Directors, this annual competitive
award recognizes excellence in original graduate student fieldwork,
documentary research, and writing in the area of traditional North American
material culture.

Born in 1924, Warren E. Roberts received, in 1953, the first Ph.D. in
folklore awarded in the United States. At first a literary folklorist, Dr.
Roberts’ interests turned to material culture after spending one year in
Norway under a Fulbright fellowship and an additional two months under a
Guggenheim fellowship. The remainder of his long career was spent
researching and writing about traditional material culture, most notably
tree stump tombstones and log buildings. Warren E. Roberts died on February
1st, 1999.

Students who are unfamiliar with Warren E. Roberts or his contributions to
the field of material culture studies or uncertain whether their paper
meets the eligibility requirements are strongly urged to read his important
article, “Folklife and Traditional Material Culture: A Credo,” first
published in Material Culture 17 (1985): 89-95 and reprinted in Viewpoints
on Folklife: Looking at the Overlooked (1988): 15-19.

Award Criteria

Eligibility: Students in any field who are working toward a graduate degree
in an accredited program, or who have graduated from such a program within
one academic year of the submission deadline, are eligible for the Warren
E. Roberts Graduate Student Paper Competition.

Submissions and requirements: All research must be original, based on
fieldwork, and accompanied by a brief paragraph as to how the submission
reflects the sentiment expressed in “Folklife and Material Culture: A
Credo.” If you are uncertain whether your paper meets these requirements,
please consult with the committee chair (see below). An electronic
submission in Microsoft Word or four copies of the paper must be sent to
the committee chair. Submissions must be double-spaced and should be 20-25
pages in length. The winning paper must be presented at the annual meeting
of PAS: APAL in the year in which the Award is sought*.*
Selection: The Award Review Committee will choose one award winner.
However, the Committee does reserve the right to withhold the Award for any
given year if no papers are considered to be meritable.

Deadline: The deadline for submission is Saturday, June 29, 2013. That is,
electronic submissions must be received no later than June 29th, and
must be postmarked no later than June 29th.

Award: The winner of the Warren E. Roberts Award will receive a certificate
of recognition, a cash prize of $200.00, one free conference registration,
one banquet ticket, and a one-year student membership to the Society.

Award Presentation: Awards will be announced and presented at the 2013 PAS:
APAL Annual Conference which will be held on October 9 – 12, 2013 in the
Mohawk Valley of New York.

Award Review Committee: The Committee is comprised of the previous
recipient of the Award and three PAS members appointed by the Executive


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