Fall 2013 Exhibitionist Journal CfP

Call for Papers for Fall 2013 Exhibitionist, the journal of the National Association for Museum Exhibition.

Issue Theme:  Museums and New Media: What's Disappearing? What's Evolving? What's to Come?
In this issue we hope to examine the impact of new media on museums, with a particular focus on exhibitions.

How are new digital technology and media affecting the care and management of collections - living or non-living - on which exhibitions are based?  Are once standard practices and procedures for collections care and management, for exhibition development and interpretation disappearing–no longer valued or needed?  What is the impact of this development?
How are new media shaping the ways in which exhibitions are conceived, designed and developed, interpreted, accessed, or assessed?  What about the impact on visitors and their participation and engagement with exhibition?

What's way out there on the cutting edge for exhibitions in the future?

Proposals need not be limited to just these issues, and can include research, essays, and case studies that analyze/comment on/critique the impact of new technology and media on museums of all types and disciplines, and the exhibitions they produce. As much as possible, if a case study or research project is submitted, the article should not focus on a single project or museum without raising questions or throwing light on larger issues that are widely applicable. Proposals from colleagues around the world are welcome.

DeadlinesProposal deadline: April 12, 2013. 250 word maximum.  Briefly describe your article; how it relates to issue theme; your background/qualifications for writing the article.  Proposals will be vetted by our editorial advisory board, and you will be notified of acceptance or non-acceptance within several weeks. A style sheet will be sent to you when your proposal is accepted.

First draft deadline:  June 21, 2013.   2000 word maximum.  Your article will be returned by early-mid July with comments and edits by editorial advisors and editor.

Final article deadline: August 9, 2013.  Final article due with four or five images, credits, and captions.


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