Summer Course for MAs or PhDs in Italy

Do you ever wonder why people collect things?
How did 15th century private desires to own collections lead to the museum
as we know it today?
Why is Florence, Italy, considered one of the birthplaces of the modern
Find out this summer in Museum Origins!

June 10- August 3: An 8-week course that blends online learning with onsite
investigation (in ITALY!) and scholarly research.

Open to current graduate students and alumni of master's or Ph.D. programs
in any field from any college or university

Great for students in art, art history, literature, history, public
history, anthropology, psychology, museum studies, library & information
science, classics - all majors welcome!

* First three weeks: Course readings and discussions online.
* Middle two weeks: You go to "class" in museums in Italy.(How cool is
* Last three weeks: You write a research paper.
* After the course: An experience that lasts a lifetime.
APPLY NOW! Applications are due April 1!

I would love to do this, but it starts in June, which doesn't work at all for our PhD schedules here! Alas.


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