This makes me REALLY angry - I guess that's the fault of the anti-depressants (ha!)

We've exposed the Creationist Museum and now the Attic is taking on Scientology. ;)

Someone recently sent this to the Leicester Museum Studies reunion email list, and I thought it was worth posting here too.

The link that follows is to a darkly satirical review of the Psychiatry: An Industry of Death exhibition in LA, so - as ever - if you think you might be offended by its tone, I suggest you don't click below.


I guess this is how the Church of Scientology recruits new members, by scaring the proverbial out of some of the most vulnerable in society.


Ceri said…
Having read the review and looked at the museum's website it doesn't make me angry as much as annoyed that they have been able to call it a 'museum.' As we were talking about yesterday it confers an element of respectability on the whole enterprise which is not warranted as based on the images it does not appear to have any actual collections on display. Also the ECT simulation is in such bad taste as to seriously doubt the intentions behind the people who have concocted it. Yes the psychiatry profession has a dubious history, there have been abuses and it is an inexact science just as humans are complex beings and we are only as good as our current knowledge. They have definitely mixed up their eugenics with psychiatry as well and as for blaming psychiatrists for being child molesters etc well golly gosh they come from all walks of like so its very likely some will be bad people. I would like to say I am shocked but it reminds me very much of the 'museum' about nuclear energy at Sellafield I visited as a kid... in other words where organisations with a point to prove are involved there cannot be the expectation of a objective message! Can only hope that this 'museum' will appeal to very few people e.g. scientologists.

It made me laugh on the website - they write 'the museum should be viewed by everyone who breathes.' This is a joke right??? I imagine that the big secret of Scientology that everyone goes on about is that you are finally let into the fact it is a big joke and no more serious than people putting Jedi on their census form. Only the Scientology movement has money and that makes them more dangerous.
The Attic said…
Some good points there Ceri! I guess I feel particularly affronted by the Scientologist's mis-representation of psychiatry and medication, because I am a user. ;)

I totally agree that it is the term 'museum' that grates the most. I guess as an exercise in pure propaganda it could be interesting place to visit!

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