Collections: A Journal for Museums and Archives Professionals, 2 (4)

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Collections: A Journal for Museums and Archives Professionals
Volume 2, Number 4: Legal Issues

Guest Editor's Foreword
Pamela White Trimpe


The Iraqi Museum of Modern Art: Legal Implications of the 2003 Invasion
Nada Shabout

Long after the War is Over, the Controversy Remains: Looting of Cultural Properties by the Nazis during World War II
Patricia VanRollins

Endangering Collections: Legal Obligations for Museums Holding Endangered Species
Tiffany Adrain

Museums and Copyright: Is Ignorance Really Bliss?
Blythe Burkhardt and Pamela Trimpe

Reference Guide to Museum Legal Issues
Nicolette B. Meister and Pamela Trimpe


Who Owns the Past?: Cultural Policy, Cultural Property, and the Law edited by Kate Fitz Gibbon
Elise Ewing


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