I'm going to republish posts that contain discussion points, just in case people missed them first time round. First up is Kouros' post about fieldwork; originally posted to the blog on 30th August.

just to say my hello
Hope all things are going well for you.
I am working for a part of my fieldwork under very hot weather!
what is your feeling about fieldwork in a research?
thank you for all things and congratulation for the new blog of the phd students.
best wishes,


Attic said…
Hi to Kouros in sunny Iran from not so sunny Leicester!

Welcome to the 'Attic' team. Looking forward to hearing more about your current research from the 'field'.

Attic said…
What do I think about fieldwork? Well, most of my fieldwork so far has involved the odd trip to a museum, perhaps a day in London, getting to play with posters and pots, taking photos and doing a hell of a lot of writing (wish I had learnt shorthand when I was a secretary!). I'm really doing a historical survey of collections of Chinese stuff, so am pretty much tied to my desk. Sometimes I envy those of you who get to do substantial research in the 'field', though, I could imagine, this would also quite a dislocating experience; I'd find it very difficult to maintain any level of motivation if I was away from Leicester from significant periods of time.

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