Exhibition Recommendation

Hello everyone, I just wanted to write a quick post to tell you about an exhibition I saw last week. If you are in London in the next month and have a spare half an hour to kill I can really recommend going to the 'Front Page' exhibition at the British Library, (On until October 8th). The theme of the exhibition is British newspapers from the last 100 years, it definitely makes you think about the power that the media has in constructing 'history'. You can also take away with you free copies of historic newspapers from the early 20th century and you don't have to pay to get in!



Attic said…
Thanks Anna - I can definitely recommend this exhibition too. Went a couple of weeks ago. Fascinating to read the old newspapers - found myself concentrating on the smaller, incidental news, rather than the big headlines! The permanent exhibition of some of the British Library's treasures is worth a visit too. If I hadn't been I wouldn't be able to let you all know that Paul McCartney's handwriting is lovely, while John Lennon's was indescribably dreadful! ;)

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